hi, im planning a trip to Jamaica Montego Bay for 2 weeks in April. Since your test is technically done at home, even though its verified by a clinician, I would personally not risk it. effectively Enforce the curfew and check the departures of visitors Write daily monitoring reports Provide special services as needed, Had a very good time. That is quite new and information on it is still limited. will close, I would reach out to the resort to see if there are options like food delivery or boxed meals available. Your email address will not be published. Book your tickets online for Rick's Cafe, Negril: See 6,381 reviews, articles, and 5,850 photos of Rick's Cafe, ranked No.25 on Tripadvisor among 25 attractions in Negril. Access to COVID-19 testing (PCR and rapid antigen) is available at multiple sites in tourist areas, from our experience in Montego Bay and Negril. On June 15, 2020, Jamaica reopened air travel. Italy Asia . "This new curfew will remain in effect until December 10, 2021. Hello. We have written more about transportation in Jamaica here. The Visit Jamaica is the official website for Jamaica travel requirements. Places are ensuring that they are doing constant sanitization especially the hands of visitors to their establishment. My understanding is that visitors who test positive while in Jamaica may first be isolated in their current hotel for the duration of their reservation. I am staying bed and breakfast in negril in September. ( Jamaica Information Service Press Release) Prime Minister, the Most Hon. How has the Coronavirus impacted Jamaica? In nearly every store, restaurant, small business, we were required to use hand sanitizer (readily available at the site) and have our temperature taken prior to entry. I have been reading about Jamaica travel advisories, which say: do not travel to Jamaica due to COVID-19. Major General Rocky Meade, Jamaica's chief of defense staff, said the soldiers are targeting gang members, with a "particular focus on those that are responsible for murders, lotto scamming,. According to Visit Jamaica: Visitors staying for less than 14 days will be allowed to leave the island in accordance with applicable protocols which would include appropriate arrangements for transportation to the airport. Approved transportation can be found here: https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/#Approved. Best Beachfront Resort: Half Moon. Does Jamaica check COVID-19 symptoms of incoming travelers? I check this site EVERYDAY! Go, follow protocols and have a wonderful time in the Jamaican sun., August 1 Sally Anne, UK tourist Arrived yesterday no problems. Hi there. Jamaica is not currently on the list of restricted countries for the U.S. so it is my understanding that your plan would work for entry into the US. Will I be allowed entry into Jamaica? They are monitored by the Ministry of Health and the local police to ensure that protocols put in place such as social distancing are followed. Private clinics and public hospitals are available, however, healthcare facilities may not operate at the same standards travelers are used to at home. Beginning August 11 through August 31, a curfew will extend from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Mondays to Fridays; from 6:00 pm to 5:00 am on Saturdays and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on Sundays, said Andrew Holness, Jamaica's prime minister, in a virtual press briefing. I appreciate your perspective and any advice you might want to share. Your thoughts? Jamaica: 2020 7 Death of Shahine Robinson Burundi: 2020 7 Death of President Pierre Nkurunziza: In the section on other matters, the government announced the suspension of all non-religious music in public places during the presidential mourning period. This post about Philippines, Read More Philippines travel restrictions Spring 2023: What travelers need to knowContinue, Wondering how to travel safely during COVID-19? Get our free Post-Pandemic Travel Checklist. Much tourism in Jamaica is outdoors (beach, caves, and outdoor restaurants) so theres plenty of opportunities for social distancing and outdoor air flow. Contact tracing is not really feasible since we have community spread. The tourism industry is how most of them make a living so they need people to continue to visit. Ocho Rios has beautiful nature sites and because you are outdoors you do not need to wear a mask and worry as much about COVID. My understanding is that the Jamaica Cares insurance enrollment is to be part of the Travel Authorization application process (before arrival). Antigua hotels range from $44 to $200 per night with an average of $77, while most vacation . I am not sure what the policy is now. Is it ok for me to spend those 14 days in Jamaica at a Covid safe hotel? Medical services in Jamaica are . Would go there again!, Linda M., USA (March 2021) My husband and I vacationed in Negril, Jamaica at the end of March. (Of course, this can always change again. Will Jamaica impose new Covid restrictions? March 15, 2022 Ke, American visitor: We arrived yesterday and were shocked by the amount of people arriving at the same time!! Thanks for your question. I ask this as Kingston is not in the travel corridor. Where can we find the High Risk list please? Thanks for your question. Disclaimer: Please note, travel restrictions change frequently. The entire country is under curfew and there are strict social distancing and wearing of masks regulations that are being implemented. Tourism has opened back up. In our experience, COVID-19 prevention strategies were generally being followed by locals and visitors. Only essential services are permitted outside during the curfew hours. Hi and thanks for visiting our blog. I feel 100% safer in Jamaica than I ever have in the US. Many of us are longing to travel again, but only if we can do so safely and responsibly. Ocho Rios, JAMAICA Adult Price from $ 260 PP/PN (USD) Child Price from $ 38 PP/PN (USD) 1 Free Night 7-7-7 Savings Book Online & Get $25 Credit Save up to 65% Off Rack Rates Service Personnel Discount Up to $335 Instant Credit Rates & Availability Beaches Ocho Rios Awards Dieser Button zeigt den derzeit ausgewhlten Suchtyp an. Aside from the fact that some shops still require you have your mask on, most places are open without the need for testing or proof of a negative result. Is it safe to rent a house in Jamaica and if so which part is safest/best? The hotel is on the 7 mile stretch, is this considered a public beach? Also concerned because we heard Covid has ramped up there. Thank you for keeping us up to date with travel know hows! This is no longer the case as of April 2022. We would like to have a holiday with each other and stay in the same hotel. With modern suites, gourmet restaurants and limitless drinks, and an extensive array of activities and excursions - the opportunities for romance and entertainment are endless. Will a doctors note stating Im clear to travel and completed quarantine be sufficient or do I need a negative test? If you have questions or updates about travel to Jamaica during the Coronavirus crisis or post-pandemic, please let us know in the comments below. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should isolate in a public health facility or approved hotel, at their own cost, for up to 10-14 days. The requirements do change from time to time. Accommodations Dining & Drinks Activities They haven't been that low since the middle of February. There is a nightly curfew in place from 9pm to 5am the following day. The decision to travel is really an individual one, as there is always some level of risk these days and it depends what is acceptable to you. The Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort Dimitrios Kambouris Life's a beach at Sandal resorts unless there's a COVID-19 breach. I plan to possibly travel from Costa Rica to Jamaica but only for 3-5 days. Hotel in Montego Bay. I am concerned about travel to an all inclusive at that time given that the country is still in Level 3 during the off season. The travel advisory is not necessarily overblown crime and safety issues are important to be aware of but its not a new warning and has not affected the countless majority of vacationers. If I had to choose the safest part (not necessarily the best), I would probably say Treasure Beach in the south. It doesnt matter if youre vaccinated or not, all tourists who test negative can move freely in the resilient corridor/approved accommodations upon arrival. You need fit to fly test 72 hours before flight back to UK. Most cities will have a listing of tests and while some might require insurance, most do not. (I dont recall if Ive seen it go below Level 3, in fact.) b) Local attractions and restaurants are still open. Hello, we are scheduled to travel to Jamaica at the end of July. Exercise increased caution in Jamaica due to crime. Michelle, I booked our first Beaches Negril Resort trip for the family right before Covid hit. At the moment I feel comfortable moving around. Greater Kingston Arnett Gardens August Town Balmagie Cassava Piece Delacree Park Denham Town Drewsland Felstead Pen Four Miles Glendale Grant's Pen Greenwich Town Hannah Town Harbour View Hunts Bay Jones Town Lower Cockburn Gardens Maverly Mountain View Nanse Pen Olympic Gardens Payneland Portmore Rennock Lodge Riverton City Salmagie We are flying from the UK into Kingston. At what point during my trip will I be allowed to rent/drive a rented vehicle? Just be smart!, August 27, 2021 Debbie, American tourist My husband and I went back to Jamaica, where we honeymooned, to celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary. As far as I know, no end date has been given. There is currently no expiration period set for the validity of vaccinations. Ocho Rios is open, and nature parks and restaurants are ready to welcome tourists. 17 How long can I . Mexico is not currently on Jamaicas list so you would be allowed to enter after transiting through Mexico. Some resorts are including this test in their packages, otherwise there are many test sites for this purpose in Jamaica. The U.S. is accepting both of these test types when returning to the States. Thats why we want to help you travel confidently, safely, and responsibly. Follow any protocols requested by resorts or other establishments you enter. In addition to the approved hotel, you could take approved transportation to other approved locations within the resilient corridor. Please note that mask wearing is compulsory and in some cases you will not be able to enter a facility without wearing one. I can say that 1) Jamaica typically has a high warning level from the State Department (due to crime) even before Covid so Level 3 is not unusual, and 2) so far, the biggest surge in cases in Jamaica was due to the Delta variant rather than any increase in visitation. More COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Original Passport or Travel document of Jamaica with at least 6 months remaining validity on the date of travel and have at least 2 visa pages clear of any markings. My understanding is that after completing the 14 day quarantine protocols, you would be free to move about and to rent a vehicle without an additional test. My partner and I are travelling to Jamaica towards the end of April from Canada. There is certainly a possibility that other countries may be added, but at this time, its not possible to predict. I hope that helps. Do I still need to provide a negative Covid test if I have been vaccinated? Typically the crimes happening in tourist areas are theft and robbery, which can be mitigated by being vigilant with your valuables or leaving them at home. Book shared hotel transfer from MBJ airport here >, Book private hotel transfer from MBJ to Ocho Rios resorts here >, Shop insulated water bottles with protective lid >, Shop water bottles with purification filter and protective lid >, these are the details of the test requirements for Jamaica, https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/, https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/compliant-listings/, https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/traveller-categories/, https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/#Approved. We plan to rent a car throughout our stay. This site is wonderful. COVID is on the rise again and schools are closed for deep cleaning., May 2022 C.M., returning Jamaican resident: Arriving back in Jamaica was super smooth and super quick. We were planning on renting vacation apartments in Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay over three weeks, maybe even tack on a stay at a resort at the end. Bei Erweiterung erscheint eine Liste mit Suchoptionen, die die Sucheingaben so ndern, dass sie zur aktuellen Auswahl passen. You can double-check the Pre-Departure and Arrival section on this page before your trip for countries prohibited within 14 days before visiting Jamaica: https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/. If so how much slower? I would recommend verifying with the resort or with Visit Jamaica (form at the bottom of this page) that youll be allowed in with the Day Pass. the maximum number of people at any gathering is 10. Hi and thanks for visiting our blog. Thank you for any insight you may have! Accompanying members of the traveling party may be asked to stay in place at the accommodation and have a daily check in with an assigned public health official until the end of their scheduled stay. Thanks for your question. Is it safe to travel to Montego Bay or Negril and stay in an all-inclusive? Weve put a lot of thought into the safest ways to take a vacation right now. All-Inclusive Resorts in Negril Jamaica | Couples Swept Away More Magic Beloved by active guests, Couples Swept Away is set on 19 acres on world-famous Seven Mile Beach. I am trying to see if theres some way to be able to leave my hotel to attend my wedding, without much hassle from anyone. Thank you for your questions I will update our information in the post. The Staff is incredible and really the best part about the hotel. There are exceptions in every setting. Per the Visit Jamaica website, the tests must be done by nasopharyngeal swab. Mon-Sat 8pm-5am and Sun 3pm- 5am Please remember that these times apply to visitors as well.. you must be on your property by the start of curfew or face some hefty fines. I can say that tourism is extremely important to Jamaica and they do their best to have the necessary protocols in place to both protect everyones health AND keep tourism flowing. Is Jamaica expecting another surge of cases with the influx of tourists over the Christmas and New Years holiday period? Jamaica's curfew type lock down ended as of March 2022. In my view, the risks of traveling to Jamaica have not changed significantly one way or the other, except for a spike in cases back in March. Hi Michelle My wife and I will be travelling from UK in November and staying at an approved hotel in Negril. The resilient corridor previously limited visitors to the North Coast (including Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Portland) and Milk River to Negril on the South Coast. . Thanks in advance, Hi Rick. Do you know if I can go out to eat after curfew? A destination wedding would fall under the tourism category, so as long you are staying within the resilient corridor, have a negative test, and dont exhibit symptoms, you would not need to quarantine. Table of Contents Best Sandals Resorts For 2022 - Special 65% Off Rate . Hi. The countries currently prohibited within 14 days of visiting Jamaica are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, India or Trinidad & Tobago. At every shop or attraction you go to there is someone there to take your temperature and spray your hands with sanitizer. I should mention one problem we are having here is we have a low vaccination rate so when we have surges, the hospitals fill up. What healthcare options are available to travelers in Jamaica who get the virus? Do we have to fill out another travel authorization begore heading to Hilton Hotel? We are using a One Day Pass to attend the wedding. Good afternoon. The curfew will not affect you inside the resort, only if youre going out in public places. CURFEWS Mondays to Fridays: 7pm to 5am Saturdays: 6pm to 5am Sundays: 2pm to 5am BEACHES Those not under management control to be closed Headlines Delivered to Your Inbox Sign up for The Gleaner's morning and evening newsletters. Vaccination status only affects restrictions outside the resilient corridor. Secrets Wild Orchid is a vibrant couples resort in Jamaica surrounded by stunning views and a diverse array of activities. Do you have any information on where these are located (will we stay in Negril) and what the conditions of these hotels are like? As of March 2022, resilient corridors no longer apply in Jamaica. Only about one quarter of the population in Jamaica have been fully vaccinated. The lowest I have heard in the past week (November 2021) is around 5% and the hospitals are no longer inundated with covid patients. Does Jamaica require a proof of Coronavirus vaccine for travelers? That being said, some resorts may have limited hours on some amenities. Hi there! Thanks for the blog and info. Thanks, Alex. FYI- We did not print anything to show since we did not get anything to print when completing it online. Within the resort, you can move freely at all times. 3. Could you possibly provide a little insight on the situation and do you think it wise that we continue with our plans especially since travel is at a Level 3? My experience was a good one as the resort where I stayed had dedicated rooms and policies in place specifically for these situations. Welcome to Glistening Waters Hotel & Attraction. And we plan to continually update this post with safe travel ideas and tips,, Read More How to travel safely and responsibly in 2022 and beyondContinue, When we lived in Jamaica as Peace Corps Volunteers, it was nice to have a place where we could relax and recharge. What service businesses and restaurants are open in Jamaica? Upon arriving at Jamaica airport, fill out your. Mask use was enforced (even outside) in the tourist areas. Mas cada passo que eles do para se livrarem da suspeita, piora ainda mais o problema. hi, I cant see any relevant comments regarding my questions unless im missing something? Id recommend asking a hotel youre interested in what their protocols are for local visitors. While they probably wouldnt stop you at the airport, technically the regulations ask that all visitors stay within the resilient corridors, use certified transportation, and only visit certified accommodations or attractions. They are testing negative on an antigen test. Hello Rik. Andrew Holness, has announced new curfew hours, from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., seven days per week, effective Friday (October 29). Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 typically have security guards stationed near their rooms to ensure quarantine is observed. It is definitely quieter than usual, but we did everything we normally do while in Negril., Recent traveler, USA (January 2021) [Regarding lines and wait times at MBJ customs], it is pretty much hit or miss as it always has been. Our family will be visiting jamaica june 28- july 5. we will be staying at the mandeville hotel for a few days then off to hilton Rose hall for the balance since its closer to the airport. - Read 849 reviews, view 1,450 traveller photos, and find great deals for S Hotel Jamaica - All Inclusive - Boutique Hotel at Tripadvisor. Hi there. Four teachers have died over the last five days. Thanks for visiting our blog. 2. Would a Rapid PCR Test done at a pharmacy be accepted for entry to Jamaica ? That said, Jamaica has been on the US warning list due to crime for many years. Hi, Im scheduled to fly in April 3rd to Sangster. Just a few things, was able to get a COVID test at the Royal Decameron Cornwall. Wasnt there an exception of leaving the hotel once per day for necessities of life needs like food and such? Set in Montego Bay, S Hotel Jamaica - All Inclusive - Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel that has a 24-hour front desk, swimming pools, sky pools, bars, room service and free WiFi. Accommodations that have received a COVID Compliant Certificate are currently allowed to accept guests. They should have a better feel for whats possible, although restrictions could always change by September, too, Thank you, very helpful. Tests are still required for the travel to the US. If youre not a permanent Jamaican resident, then you would fall under category 4 on the Visit Jamaica site. You can stay on our crystal clear Caribbean Sea on the soft white sand or on our majestic cliffs and mysterious caves of the West End, or split your stay and do both! Learn how your comment data is processed. The current maximum allowed to physically attend funerals and burials will now be 100. 6 of the Best Secluded Beaches in Jamaica Best Restaurants in Negril STAY PLAY EAT SPA Contact Us Rockhouse Hotel & Spa, West End Road, Negril, Jamaica Email: [email protected] Reservations:+1 (212) 807-0868 Hotel Direct: +1 (876) 957-4373 Hotel Direct: +1 (876) 618-1533 useful links Stay Eat Spa Play Weddings Our Blog Privacy Policy Anyone have any insight or suggestions? If staying outside the Resilient Corridor or in non-approved accommodations, you would need to quarantine during your full stay. Arrival numbers have not returned to that level yet, but yes you can expect holidays to be busier. Additionally, social distancing is practiced so remember not to stand too close to anyone. Is a booster shot required for travel to Jamaica? I would just do a web search for Covid antigen test [the US city youll be in]. Generally, tourists are encouraged to not visit local businesses outside of authorized attractions. What are wait times currently like for going through the COVID protocol, screening, temperature check, etc? Use for your own peace of mind. What is the area of resiliance in Kingston and St Andrew. As a category 4 traveller, Ill be visiting Kingston in 2 weeks. Do the tests need to state that a nasopharyngeal sample has been taken? Book shared hotel transfer from MBJ airport here > Book private hotel transfer from MBJ to Ocho Rios resorts here >. Whats next is difficult to predict. How do I get grocery when the Health department may come lookoing for me? We likely wont fly international again until the Covid rules are more flexible to get home. Do tourist sites in the resilient corridor of approved attractions also close at 8pm and 4pm weekends? Public test positivity rate of 10.8%, and around 2% for private testing. Vaccine Card Holder Protect that paper CDC card when traveling abroad (if your country doesnt offer a digital version). Jamaica has a region open to tourists that it calls its "Resilient Corridor." This includes most of its coast including popular vacation destinations like Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios, but. We had two excursions booked. ps We will be getting PCR 3 days before departure to Jamaica. Thats a good question, Julia. Both Jamaica and Aruba have reinstated COVID-19 curfews for AUG 2021, as well as other new travel restrictions due to the delta variant of the COVID virus. I also saw a tip to screenshot both of the QR codes from the NHS app before you get to the airport in case there isnt wifi. Is this still an option or will we have to use other methods of transportation while we are there? With the adjustment, Sunday will no longer be a no-movement day. So far it seems any lock downs will be local measures to contain community spread within Jamaica. Many thanks. I will technically be staying outside of the tourist zone. The booking can be through any tour operator or it can be an . Approved attractions have also opened for tourists. Hello Ashfred, thanks for visiting our blog. Get 24-hour customer support before, during, and after your vacation to Jamaica. Its all very confusing and stressful at the same time!! You may be required to get tested or follow other procedures first. No covid test etc on arrival. January 2022 MK & OS, American travelers: We went to Jamaica for 5 days to spend New Years in Jamaica and return back to my site where I served in the Peace Corps several years ago. Since restrictions can vary based on the travelers citizenship, we will focus primarily on rules affecting U.S. citizens. . I believe this is done deeper into the nose versus the regular nasal swab. Economically, tourism is a major industry in Jamaica and has struggled. Empty seats on plane so plenty of space. Here we are approaching her wedding day in July of 2021 and I was wondering will we have to quarantine for 14 days? Any information provided here is issued as general information only. ( Jamaica Information Service Press Release) Prime Minister, the Most Hon. I wish it was possible to predict what the situation will be in October or even 2023. Thanks, Lindsay. Keep in mind that if youre not staying in an approved accommodation, there is a quarantine requirement in place. Readers must take responsibility for verifying information through official sources like the State Department and CDC, in respect to their specific situations. Violent crimes typically dont involve tourists and can be mitigated by staying away from certain parts of the cities, not going out after dark, and avoiding participation in illegal activities. Also, is there a curfew on the resorts? Thats why we want to help you travel confidently, safely, and responsibly. Hi there. I have heard stories of visitors having to quarantine in government facilities if they test positive before their departure date. Ocho Rios, JAMAICA Adult Price from $ 260 PP/PN (USD) Child Price from $ 45 PP/PN (USD) 1 Free Night 7-7-7 Savings Book Online & Get $25 Credit Save up to 65% Off Rack Rates Service Personnel Discount Up to $335 Instant Credit Winter Blues Sale Rates & Availability Required fields are marked *. Our resort offered free Covid tests so we can travel home., Aug 4, 2021 Robyn, frequent visitor Jamaica has had protocols in place from the beginning. The measures include three consecutive weekends of islandwide curfew to include the Easter Holiday period. Our hotel paid for the testing and it was very efficient. That said, Jamaica has been on the US warning list due to crime for many years. Really stressed over the testing process too so any advice or information would be so appreciated! The large number of services it offers its guests makes it one of the best hotels in Negril in which to enjoy an unforgettable vacation with RIU Hotels & Resorts. My BF wants to visit me in Jamaica. Sangster International was easily negotiated with no problems. Common areas at hotels . Most resorts are not at full capacity and its hard to say when this will change. COVID numbers in Jamaica at least have been trending in the right direction. Visitors need to shop for groceries 2. Be available to assist current and new shelter residents and respond to emergency situations. could you please clarify if you dont mind? Still very busy on exit., Tania of Chat Jamaican. But though Brave New World was a brilliant caricature of the . Originally published: July 2020. Tips for seeing local attractions and food service would include: (1) consult your hotel/AirBnb hosts for trusted chartered taxi drivers who will drive you around so you dont need to take public transportation. Here is a list of all hotels that are considered to be in the 'tourism corridor', which is an approved area of tourism for visitors. Negril is a public beach and therefore curfew should apply outside the boundaries of any hotels or resorts. I know there is no crystal ball predicting the future, especially when it comes to anything to do with Covid, however, do you think 2022 is the year to do this or should we put this off until 2023 with the hopes that things are back to near (as they will ever be again) normal? We are looking forward to visiting Jamaica again. However, these activities that are outside of approved resorts and hotels would be subject to curfew times, as you would not be permitted to take transportation during a curfew for non-essential reasons. Do you have to take a Covid test before traveling back to the US? We finally have it reschedule and were planning to depart in two weeks. From the Visit Jamaica website, I believe I will be a Category 4 traveler and will need to quarantine for 8 days, unless I take a PCR test at my own expense to shorten my quarantine time, as long as the result is negative. ~ Pin this post for later or share with friends ~. What Hotels Can I Stay at in Jamaica? Because Costa Rica is considered a level 4 regarding COVID at the moment, Im worried I will be denied entry into Jamaica. According to the update released by the Jamaica Information Service, the requirement to obtain a COVID-19 pre-test within three days prior to travel will be effective until April 15, 2022. Once youre at a resort, youll be able to move about freely. All businesses have put in place sanitization areas and you cannot enter a business or work without wearing a mask. I would say every experience will be different BUT it is VERY VERY busy right now so please plan ahead and plan to arrive early to the airport and expect to spend time on arrival at MoBay.. Everywhere you go mask on, temperature check and hand sanitizer is squirted in your hand! Following official protocols for Covid is an important part of traveling responsibly and safely. Thank you for visiting our blog. The curfews in Jamaica are for public areas, outside of the resorts. Hello Michelle, Thank you for your very informative article and for the updates. What healthcare options are available to travelers in Jamaica who get the virus? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Montego Bay is where we are going and staying in a private condo. Thanks for your question. Wear comfortable shoes! Or will they only require us to test if we are showing symptoms? In terms of Covid, case numbers did spike in January with Omicron, but theyre now lower than they have been for most of the past two years. Also you will find most places will limit the intake of customers so you will find yourself standing around at times. matt gilroy wife,

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