View Richlands QLD suburb profile report & get real estate market data, median prices, property sales, lifestyle & demographic information on . You're not going to get judged. Richlands train station is very close.Lots of nice, hardworking people living in the suburb. We moved here from the Northside - Northgate, for our first house purchase. Inala is a lovely place. 16.4% of all burglaries that took place in Australia in 2017 happened in Queensland. A 15% discount applies to the premium paid for a new Budget Direct Travel Insurance policy initiated and purchased online on or after 7 September 2018 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 16260 sold properties in Richlands, QLD 4077. The foundations by these ancestors our First Nations people gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Not because of the influence of the "bad element" (? I used to think I would rather die than live in Inala. The last time stats were released about crime in brisbane, Inala wasn't even in the top ten anymore. Not only did we feel unsafe, but the local Centrelink office brings in all kinds to the area. Next door to Inala, which is a green and quiet suburb, with many parks and playgrounds, schools, childcare, medical centres, authentic restaurants and fresh affordable produce at the numerous shops at Inala Civic. Winton police officer rescues an injured bird. View the latest property sold prices and auction results in Richlands with The 2018 crime rate in Richlands, NC is 54 ( crime index), which is 5.0 times smaller than the U.S. average. Compare all real estate agents in Inala, QLD, Be notified when others review this Suburb, Just a few idiots around, but this problem exists in every suburb, Remaining unpleasant people - just pick your areas carefully, Some people need to grow up and stop littering on the streets, At times, a bit too much of "multiculturalism", Good state high school that is the most improved in qld, Houses of solid construction, large bedrooms. Recent job growth is Positive. We have wonderful neighbours, access to the best (and cheapest) vietnamese restauraunts and because we bought cheaper than other suburbs of similar distance from town have been able to afford to renovate a house to our liking. The shops are not great, however I love the multicultural feel of the outdoor area and as a previous poster said, Mount Ommaney and Forest Lake are so close if you need a bit more variety. In 2015 a survey of DUMA (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) detainees was conducted to help police learn more about why property crime is happening in the first place. But please don't spread misinformation. The houses in FL are $100k more on average, but you get an awful lot less for your money. We are very careful people, so, before buying, we walked around the streets at different times of day and night, talked to the locals, talked to local business owners, even talked to the local police. For the same money we could either afford a tiny apartment in a trendier suburb, or a solid, well-insulated 3-bedroom house with a large backyard on a nice quiet street in Inala, with no decades-long mortgage slavery and still have enough money left to renovate the place. You can also see expensive European cars parked in some of the driveways. They never complained about their lot in life and were happy there. Inala Civic centre is a place to buy the freshest and cheapest fruits and vegetables, many of which come from the local farm in Richlands and often just a couple of hours from the farm to our table!I think, many people started realising the advantages and the potential of Inala, because our house has nearly doubled in price in the past few years. Crime 0 120 58.48 Crime rates in Toowoomba, Australia Safety in Toowoomba, Australia Contributors: 109 Last update: February 2023 These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years. I'll just ask: Have you lived here? However being forced out of the rental market 3.5 years ago due to owing pets I had to look for a cheap house to buy. We provide insurance for a number of brands including Budget Direct, 1st for Women, Ozicare, Virgin Money, and ING. I like its elevated position, so it has nice views and will never flood. It a personal preference really. Inala is changing for the better and people are starting to realise this, so the prices won't stay as they are for very long. This is a real community. In Inala, Ive watched seemingly happy same sex couples holding hands. It is old enough to be very green, yet the extremely well-built houses are still is a very good nick. You will be surrounded by feral families, grubby 18-20 year old sharers, and everyone has a dog so expect to hear barking daily. pdf (1.83 MB) . At Richlands Medical Centre we aim to assist in all aspects of your medical and health needs in a friendly and caring environment. Category Delivery Area; The crime is about average for Brisbane, and neither us, nor any of our neighbours ever felt unsafe here. There is so much diversity here and the variety of fresh produce is 10 out of 10 (and so cheap). Everyone has the right to their opinion, but I would hope that someone such as yourself would see fit to make their's an informed opinion. 33 Houses for Rent in Richlands, QLD 4077, and surrounding suburbs Save search Create alert NBN Rent increase to $480 from 18 April 23 House 13/19 Kathleen Street, Richlands QLD 4077 3 beds 2 baths 1 space Somewhat Walkable NBN $420 House 4 Swallow Street, Inala QLD 4077 3 beds 2 baths 1 space Very Walkable NBN $475 House I managed to get an extra week by phoning the Minister's Office. Richlands Courthouse JPs in the Community Phone: (07) 3565 4000 Address: Registry, 489 Archerfield Road RICHLANDS, Qld, 4077 Services: Volunteer Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations Email: [email protected] Operating hours: Monday to Wednesday and Friday; 9am to 12pm & 1pm to 3pm. This area is just so lovely. Or are you just stating an uninformed opinion? All rights reserved. Sorted by - Featured. Richlands, Queensland, Australia: Two Letter Country code of Australia (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) AU: Three letter Country code of Australia (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) AUS: Richlands Latitude-27.6. Christopher Shane Cochran. It significantly got up in value since we bought it, and we had a few people enquiring if we are thinking of selling. The question is, can you bring yourself to ignore it? . There is a school close by, for when my newborn daughter grows up to attend. The trio, aged 17, 14 and 16 were charged with unlawful use of motor vehicles, and the youngest offender was also charged with drug possession. Contact Us or Make a Complaint. It's not a tangible asset, but I really like telling the name of our street to new visitors and guests, it's just pleasant. Please consider your needs, theFinancial Services Guide, theProduct Disclosure Statement, and the Target Market Determinationwhen deciding to buy insurance. They are built to last for centuries: poured-on-site concrete walls and foundations with Australian hardwood timber frames. A few schools to choose from.Great access to Inala via Ipswich Motorway, Centenary Motorway, Logan Motorway and Springfield train line. To this day I am still amazed at how busy this place is, any day off the week. One day the lady was gone, and just the elderly man sat there. In 2017 Queensland households saw a 2.2% attempted break-in rate, with a total of 40,700 incidents reported to local authorities. Thank you for that information, it is right on! Violent crimes in Richlands are 65% lower than the national average. I am not trying to sell my house in Inala, but I would like the profile of the suburb to improve. SQM Research Pty Limited | Tel: 1800 766 651 | Suite 1603, 275 Alfred Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Canstar & Money Magazine's Insurer of the Year. Menu. New shopping centre. Youngsters with modified loud vehicles will drive you crazy. Trust me I know - I work in real estate. It's fairly centrally located.Living in Inala I have found that my neighbours are extremely friendly and supportive. The city violent crime rate for Richlands in 2018 was lower than the national violent crime rate average by 100% and the city property crime rate in Richlands was lower than the national property crime rate average by 44.46%. But slowly, and surely, the name is evolving towards a new generation of young home buyers who take no notice of the past, and all the attention towards location and infrastructure. Phone (07) 3035 1122 1800 673 428 (toll free outside Brisbane) Email. Department of Housing isn't interested either. Thanks for the attempt to invalidate my opinion, but it's backed up with facts from the QPS, which is available to the public. Every Friday and Saturday there's some kind of party, sometimes even during the week. Never be a victim, and run away from bullies. Don't expect them to take action when their tenants cause issues. Just so they can say to their friends 'see where I don't live'. Compare our prices against our competitors'. Brisbane Crime Rates By Suburb: Inala, Forest Lake, Darra & Richlands In 2017 alone, the QLD Government reported over 5,500 unlawful entry offences in Inala alone. I was broken into within a month of moving to this house by the local junkies who have since been arrested or moved on so now find no problems whatsoever and this was over 3 years ago. Highlight. By the time we retire and decide to move, Inala's stigma will disappear completely, Brisbane will sprawl beyond reach and a gren suburb 18 km from the CBD will be a very desirable location, so and we will get a very god price for our house.---And a message to the people who say that Inala is a bad and dangerous place:You obviously don't live here and probably rarely visit, which is good. Having moved from Taringa, it was a little difficult acclimatising at first. I'm not trying to sell my house either! Inala is 14k from Brisbane city, and there is plenty of very good public transport. - Dining out: you can buy a dinner meal for under $10, you be lucky to pay that for lunch on the north side. There's always something happening in Inala! Being straight, I haven't had a first hand experience, but we had our friends - a gay couple - housesitting for us for a few weeks, and they loved it. This may have been one of the poorer areas 50 years ago, when it was originally a returned services and public housing area, and an outlying area in the Brisbane CBD, but that certainly is not the case now, especially since Forest Lake has been built over 15 years ago. Been to school here? As the operational arm of the NJSI, the Canadian Centre for Justice and Community Safety Statistics (CCJCSS), a division of Statistics . matt teale wife,

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